December 05, 2014

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette - Best Drugstore Highlighter ever!

I am the queen of highlighters and I've tried them all. Ok maybe not all, but most of them. If  a new highlighter hits the shelves, I have to have it! When I saw Sleek Precious Metals Highlightning Palette, I was in love... but boy, this one was really hard to get as it was constantly sold out in  Boots stores, only last week I managed to get my fingers on it. Sure, nothing worth having comes easy. And I have it now, its my.. my precious metals (insert Gollum's Lord of the Rings here)! Only kidding!

The palette contains three cream highlighters and one powder highlighter and comes in a silver compact with a mirror. The packaging looks quite luxurious and feels sturdy in my hand. 

Platinum - a cool pale cream highlighter - it almost didn't show up on my skin. 
Royal Gold - gold cream highlighter with with chunky glitter.
Renaissance Gold - shimmery champagne  cream  highlighter - my favourite so far!
Antique Bronze - bronze powder highlighter - great for darker skin tones. 

Here is the full makeup with using the Palette on my cupidsbow, nose, above the brow and above my cheeks. I also used Antique Bronze as my eyeshadow as its quite dark for my skin to wear it as a highlighter but it would look amazing on darker skin tones.  The highlighters were easy enough to blend and lasted pretty much all day long. 

I am defiantly happy with the palette and would buy again... should I ever run out... which I very much doubt!  Really great bargain given the amount of product you get.  So if you ever spot this beauty at your drugstore, take it... or you will regret it forever! 

Check also my latest YouTube video featuring the Precious Metals Highlighting Palette and other amazing cream highlighters to create glowing skin 

The Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette cost €12.99 and is available at Boots.

Have you tried the Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette? What do you think? 

xxx Marina 

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