November 21, 2014

My Favourite MAC Eyeshadows

I love make MAC eyeshadows. They are neither to buttery or powdery and blend like a dream together. As a makeup artist and beauty blogger  I try tons of new eyeshadows on monthly basis, but these two palettes are my staple in my kit and  I used them most of the time - be it media makeup, bridal makeup or just for my private use. You can take everything from me, but not these two palettes. 

CARBON -  Black eyeshadow, shows more like dark grey. I use it mostly to tight line the lash line. 
BRUN - Cool dark brown matte eyeshadow. I use it mostly to fill in brows. 
CONCRETE - Warm grey-brown matte eyeshadow. Great as crease colour. I use it often for the daytime smokey eye. 
EMBARK - Dark brown eyeshadow with purple undertones. I use it mostly as the outer corner colour. 
SWISS CHOCOLATE - Medium warm brown with red undertones. I use it mostly to deepen the crease.
COPPERLATE - Medium Grey/Taupe eyeshadow. Great for soft smokey eye.  Great colour for blue eyes. 
BRONZE -  Cool bronze eyeshadow.  This eyeshadow will suit everyone. I use it very often for the night time smokey eye paired with a black pencil only. 
TEMPTING - Light brown shade with a hint of gold shimmer. Perfect eyeshadow for everyday. 
PATINA - Medium taupe with green and pink shimmer. I like to use it as all over lid colour or to give matte eyeshadows bit of oomph. 
TEXTURE - Light brown/tan with red undertones. Great as crease transition colour. 
CORK - Medium neutral brown eyeshadow. I use it mostly as a crease transition colour it makes the smokey eye little more blended. 
KID - Neutral tan eyeshadow. Great crease/blending color. 
NAKED LUNCH - Warm peachy-beige eyeshadow. Great high -lightening colour for the inner corner of the eye and brow bone. 
NYLON - Pale shimmery beige. Intense highlight for the evening look. 
SHROOM - Light beige with shimmer. Subtle brow bone highlight for a day makeup. 

FOLIE - Medium Brown with red undertones and hint of burgundy. I use it mostly as the outer corner  shade. 
BLACKBERRY - Deep brown purple eyeshadow. Not very pigmented. Great colour for blue green eyes. 
COQUETTE - Kakhi green brown eyeshadow with a hint of olive. Great colour for green eyes. 
ORANGE - Bright matte orange. I use it mostly to add warmth to brown eyeshadows. 
COPPERING - True copper orange shade with loads of red.  Very pigmented. 
WOODWINKED -  Medium golden bronze eyeshadow. Great for metallic smokey eye. 
HAUX - Warm plummy brown. I use it mostly as a transition or crease colour.
SUMPTOUS OLIVE - Olive green with golden shimmer. Looks amazing on dark green or brown  eyes. 
AMBER LIGHTS - Golden orange with a hint of  copper. 
PARADISCO - Pink Coral eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer. Great colour for the summer. 
MYLAR - white/pale beige eyeshadow. I use it mostly as a base and highlight for the matte look.
MALT - Tan Eyeshadow. Great  overall base colour. Also great for blending and as a transition colour. 
RETROSPECK - Beige gold eyeshadow. Great as  highlight and it also gives depth to matte eyeshadows. 
EXPENSIVE PINK - rose gold eyeshadow. Great for summer and for bridal makeup. 
MYTHOLOGY- Light Bronze-copper eyeshadow with chunky glitter particles. Similar to Expensive Pink. 

MAC Eyeshadows are available at MAC STORES and some department stores. 

What is your favourite MAC Eyeshadow? Please do share! 

xxx Marina 


  1. These all look incredible!

  2. They are oldies but goodies.. probably two of my favourite things in my kit! x

  3. lovely hues! great suggestions all the time!
    Happy Thanksgiving Day and I am so glad and thankful that you make part of my life!

  4. You will be shaken now but unfortunately, I never tried any MAC eyeshadow but soon a MAC store will open in my city (YAY!) and I will! Your favs are helpful Marina, Id love to own them all, seem also so smooth!:) Have a great weekend, lots of kisses! xo


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