October 27, 2014

Neostrata Glycolic Treatment Peel - Review

Have you heard of the Neostrata Glycolic Treatment Peel? It is fabulous! 
This is like a facial peel which you would pay loads of money for at a beauty salon.

Where do I start? I've had a sun damaged skin since my teens as back then my idea of a good time was lying in the sun for hours... without a grain of sunscreen.  And quite often I would even have used tanning oil to accelerate the tanning process. Yep that was not a good idea. Not a good idea at all, because nowadays I am spending a fortune on facial creams and potions that promise to improve  sun-demaged skin and get rid of sun spots and the results have been only mediocre so far. 

Well that was before I came  across Neostrata - I have seen  their products few times in pharmacies but was never really attracted to them....I suppose they do look more like pharmaceutical products than pretty looking jars with a divine scents and creamy textures. Created by dermatologists Neostrata is a cosmeceutical brand and their concentration of the hydroxy acids is at an ideal pH level, so they can produce amazing results. 

The Neostata Glycolic Treatment Peel Kit contains four treatments including four facial cleansers and  four bionic face creams and are to be used over four weeks.
The pads are soaked with the glycol acid formulation and don't need any extra preparation - all you do is just swipe it all over your face as you would apply a toner and leave it on for about 20 minutes or longer.

I dint't experience any irruption or redness, having said that, my skin is really tough and it has taken proper beating in my past with some of my more extreme than normal skin regime. Don't need to elaborate here as its written all over my blog.

Before and after the Neostrata Glycolic Treatment Peel

I am not new to AHA and BHA products and have used Image skin care in the past with some success and I also have had salon strength peels.  I do believe that the constant exfoliation, mechanical and chemical, has kept my skin glowy and wrinkle free into my mid thirties. 

So far I can say Neostrata is my favorite at home facial peel. I have already noticed a clearer complexion and the dark spots on my forehead had faded after only four treatments. Now that I've finished the course,   I am continuing to have to the peel once every two weeks, usually at the weekends when I have time for some pampering. 

If you have sensitive skin (with loads of redness) then don't use this product, its not for you. If you have normal skin, you might not need it either, but you could still try it out... you never can be too good looking! But if you have sun damaged skin with loads of sun spots, fine lines and blemishes you must try this product! You must! I really couldn't believe the difference it made to my skin in such a short period of time. 

As with all AHA and BHA products you must use a sunscreen as your skin is more sensitive to sun and could exaggerate or cause hyper pigmentation. So use it every. single. day! Even if there is no sun out! 

The kit costs  €49. 55 here in Ireland is available in selected pharmacies all over the country. You can find the full list of stockists here

Now, I've got  their Glycolic Facewash and I will be reporting in few weeks time how I got on with it and if there was any miracle happening. 

How about you? Ever tried the Neostrata Glycolic Treatment Peel? Or have you tried  any other at home peels? 

                                              xxx Marina 

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  1. hallo marina :) das ergebnis ist sehr gut ... ich hatte nur ein Produkt von neostrata, war damit aber irgendwie nicht nicht-zufrieden, aber es war auch nicht so beeindruckend, als dass ich es nochmal gekauft hätte ... danke fürs vorstellen


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