October 31, 2014

Easy Zombie Tutorial for Halloween

It's Halloween! And it's  on Friday this year! I mean how often does that happen! What is everyone doing tonight? If you are still looking for costume and don't want spent loads of money on it, dressing up as a zombie is your best bet. All you need it some old clothes that you can smear with fake blood, face paint and liquid latex - all ready available in costume shops and I have also seen them in some penny shops. So there is no excuse not to dress up!

I have recorded a YouTube video how to do an easy Zombie Makeup - it will not take you longer than 15 minutes.

Liquid Latex
Brown/Plum Eyeshadow
Facepaint ( it must include colors red/purple and black ) 

What is everyone doing tonight? And what are you dressing up as? 

xxx Marina 

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