September 22, 2014

6 Reasons why I love Nivea Crème

You want believe it, but Nivea Crème was one of the first beauty products I’ve ever used. When I was growing up, makeup and cosmetics in general weren’t readily available at every corner shop as today,  so it was a special treat to go one of the larger department stores where they stocked all the cosmetics - and I always felt I died and have gone to heaven! (That sounds so sentimental).  Since the very early age, Nivea crème has become one my staple products and I have usually few tins always handy at hand since it’s so affordable.  I always loved the smell and its rich texture and how my skin is moisturized and supple after, and believe me I’ve tried tons of crèmes. Tons and tons. I wouldn’t say the other crèmes where bad or something, it’s just if there is only crème I could keep; it would be defiantly the Nivea Crème.

Now, please don’t judge me, but I also have used Crème Del Mar for good half year or so, until my finacial adviser stopped me! And I can ascertain you that this two products are so similar, that it really makes me wonder if they are the same product with only few additions like seaweed. ( Although the seaweed, seems to be the work horse in the line!)  
Note to the Crème del Mar: Look, I am not saying that your crème is no good, it’s just so bloody expensive for what it is – a glorified Nivea Crème – and I had to use really so little of it, because I was scared I would run out before the month end.  But sure, if you want to convince me otherwise, feel free to send me your products in buckets – I would be happy to be your guinea pig for the rest of my life.  I am serious.  

Anyways back to Nivea - and by the way did you know that Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner were also fans of the Nivea crème? Sure if it was good enough for Marilyn Monroe, then…

Here are some of my top tips how to use Nivea crème to its full potential!

Take a small amount in one palm, rub your  palms together to warm and spread the crème over the surface of your palms and then pat the crème all over your face, eyes, lips and neck and décolleté -  don’t forget the décolleté girls.  You can also use the cream with few drops of rosehip oil, that will make it spread better and you are adding few more anti-ageing benefits to your skin.

                                               See in the video how I massage my skin! 

Apply an extra thick layer of Nivea on your face, then place a hot towel over your face for about 10 minutes and then remove the crème with the towel.  
Apply the crème right after out of the shower, again you could also use bit of almond oil to make it spread smoother.  
Just apply to hour hands, simples. Nivea Crème is the best hand crème I ever head, seriously most of the hand crèmes leave my hands dry right after the application, but this one doesn’t.

If your feet are tired, dry and rough, this recipe will defiantly make them baby-smooth again. Mix few drops of eucalyptus essential oil with the crème every night and cover with soft cotton socks.

You can also use small amount to smooth down the frizz, this will make the ends lay flat and give them bit of a shine.

I can say with a complete utter confidence that I will repurchase this crème forever. Or at least until I find something better! Sounds bit like a marriage vow, doesn’t it!

What do you use the Nivea Crème for? Share you tips! Please!

xxx Marina

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