June 10, 2013

Tom For Shade and Illuminate compact - Review

Tom For Shade and Illuminate compact has the signature Tom Ford sleek packaging with a glossy surface and the gold-toned trim that comes in a brown suede pocket.  The compact is oblong, has a mirror inside and two compartments, one for the illuminator and the contour shade.

 This compact is available in two shades namely Intensity 1 and Intensity 2. The highlighter is the same, only the contouring shades are different. Intensity 1 is yellow based shade and is meant to be for lighter complexions whereas Intensity 2 is a deeper red brown shade with grey undertones for darker complexions.

I bought the Intensity 1 and what I most love about it, is that it has no orange cast to it at all, therefore its perfect for contouring but not so ideal to be used a bronzer.  Keep in mind that countering will sculpt the shape of your face through shadow effects while bronzers achieve an artificial tan and give your skin more color. So basically you should apply the bronzer on your cheekbones and working upwards our temple , whereas you should apply a contour under your cheekbones or in the hollow part of your cheek and under your jaw bone etc.
I really like the creamy consistency of the contour shade and it feels like silk on my skin and it blends very well with my foundation. I use a contour brush to apply it , and it goes on at first quite light and sheer, but can be built up and any patchiness can be smoothed  and blended out without any problems.
The illuminator is very sheer with a dewy wet look finish that is often seen on the backstage models. I would describe it as healthy glow and looks like very well moisturized skin rather than a shimmer disco ball, so if you are after glitz and shimmer, you won’t be happy with this product.  I apply the highlighter with my fingers and then just tap it in with a light touch of my fingertips.
Like with all Tom Ford cosmetics the price can be bit of a turnoff, but you do get two high quality products in one palette and they would last you both very long time even if you would apply it every day.
Price in Ireland €65 for g of product.
I really like the  Tom For Shade and Illuminate compact and would definitely recommend to everyone who is looking for a good countering kit.
Have you tried the Tom For Shade and Illuminate compact yet? What do you think?

xxx Marina


  1. Hi Marina, I never tried it but I would love. I can imagine how much good it is, I'm just drooling over it now:) Kisses dear! xo

  2. Awesome post! I am looking for a good contour kit and this seems perfect! I will def check it out!


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