May 10, 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation vs Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Serum vs CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua

These two foundations have been compared to the famous CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua quite a bit, so I decided to try them myself. Bourjois and CHANEL are actually the same company, so the Bourjois products could be in reality a high-end product sold at a high street price tag. Let’s see then, here are my observations.

Wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Shade 52
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in a nutshell
·         fresh fruity scent
·         contains apricot, apple, melon and ginger extracts
·         glass bottle with a dispensing pump
·         no SPF
·         medium buildable coverage and gives a natural semi-matte  but still radiant finish,  
·         Thick and creamy consistency
·         Doesn’t dry to quickly and leaves loads of time for blending
Shade Selection
·         Available in 6 Shades, with  more color choices  for paler than for darker complexions
·         €14.95 for 30ml here in Ireland.

Wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Serum in Shade 52
Bourjouis Healthy Mix  Foundation Serum in a nutshell
·         same fruity scent  as the Healthy Mix Foundation
·          contains lychee, pomegranate and goji berries extracts
·         Plastic bottle with a dispensing pump, travel friendly
·         No SPF
·         light-to-medium coverage and has a more luminous, dewy finish.
·         Evens out skin tone and  brightens tired skin
·         semi-matte, dewy finish
·         Oil Free gel texture,slightly runny
·         blends easily
Shade Selection
·         Available in 8 Shades,  and again with  more color choices  for pale skin than for darker complexions
·         €14.95 for 30ml here in Ireland.

In this video you can also see what the foundation looks like applied. 

Wearing CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua in Shade B20
CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua in a nutshell
·         Classic Floral powdery  Chanel scent
·         Travel friendly light packaging, but  doesn’t have the  luxurious feel  other Chanel products
·         Only a smallest amount needed to cover the whole face
·          SPF 15
·         sheer  light to medium coverage with a illuminating satin finish
·         perfect balance between matte and luminous radiance.
·         lasts on my skin for a about 8 hours
·         water based foundation
·         airy, whipped,cooling  texture
·         hydrating feel  on the skin
·         blends easily
·         oil-free and non-comedogenic
Shade Selection
·         Available in 10 Shades,   I found that the darker shades start to pull a little orange on the skin or they did on mine anyway. I generally prefer yellow undertone foundation since it counteracts the redness in pinker skin tones.
·         €39.00 for 30ml here in Ireland.
Bourjois  Healthy Mix  Foundation in Shades 51 and 52/ Bourjois Healthy Mix  Foundation Serum in Shades 51 and 52/CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua in Shades B20 and B30
So the bottom line
In my mind the CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua  is superior to Healthy Mix Foundation  and Healthy Mix Foundation Serum  in the way that it gives such perfect base,  but doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup.
If you want something that doesn’t mask your whole face and only evens out your skin tone as a tinted moisturizer would do, and you don’t mind the price tag, then this a foundation for you.

The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum comes in the second place and provides slightly more coverage and gives still refined, fresh, and flawless look. I also have used this foundation on photo shoots when  I wanted to achieve that fresh faced, dewy, flawless skin on models or more  mature skin. I also found it to be a great foundation for those with oily to combination skin. I would not go so far and say that this is the same thing as the CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua, but in its performance it is definitely similar.

If you need more coverage, I would definitely go for the Healthy Mix Foundation, as it provides medium coverage, covering redness, minor thread veins and dark spots, but it still feels light and natural on the skin.

But at the end of the day, I think all 3 of them are great foundations on its own, so if you are still in two minds, which one to get, then I would suggest you get some samples and try it out.

Have you tried any of these foundations?  What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments!

xxx Marina


  1. I haven't tried any of these! but I've been curious about healthy mix and healthy mix serum, so thanks for the post darl! :)
    I tested healthy mix and it was quite thick, i didn't get to try out the serum, but by the sound of it it's lighter. it's ashame there's no spf!

  2. Hi Marina! I never used any of them but I'm really curious to try the Chanel one, I love the effect on you, seems so light and has a nice bright finish! Kisses dear! xo

  3. Thanks for this comparison post. I was torn between healthy mix and healthy mix serum. Think I'll get the serum - I like a dewy finish and I really liked Chanel Vitalumiere.


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