March 04, 2013

Makeup Forever Single Eyelashes no 155 - Review

My favorite false eyelashes are the Makeup Forever Single Eyelashes no 155. These individual lashes look  more natural than strip lashes, and you can apply them wherever you want and as many  as you want. Once you get the hang of applying them they are an absolute breeze. They don't look false at all, it just looks like I've got naturaly lush lashes combined with a great mascara.The really  give you great lash volume and really open up your eyes. 

The kit comes with a lash glue and 3 rows of black medium flare lashes. All the lashes are knotted, which can be covered up easily with eyeliner. The glue  dries to black color, which will additionally darken your lash line.  
The application is fairly easy. Pick one up with your tweezers, dip it into the glue, and drop it on exactly where you want it. Then press on your lash line with the back of the tweezers. It helps if your looking down into a mirror. To help the lashes really bond to your natural lashes, pinch your natural and false eyelashes together between your fingers firmly. 

With good application and good aftercare, the individual eyelashes can last up to one weekTo remove them, lift the outside edge of the eyelashes and pull gently. 

Cost in Ireland € 15.50.

Have you tried the Makeup Forever Single Eyelashes yet? What are you favorite single lashes? 

xxx Marina

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  1. Hi Marina! I havent tried them but the effect on you is really amazing!:) Have a great week dear, kisses! xo

  2. They look really natural on you honey, xoxo.


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