December 21, 2012

Lush Liquid Lipstick - Review and Swatches

Lush liquid lipsticks are a mix of lip-gloss and lipstick and are really heavy pigmented and can double up as a blusher or can be also mixed with lip balm or cream to blend down. They will also soften the lips and are super moisturising.
The bottle is really cute and is made of recyclable glass.
Cost in Ireland €17.95 for a 5g bottle.

Confident is a deep plumy burgundy red.   This  colour  applies really unevenly on my lips. To make it look more even, I press the lipstick with my fingers.  Other than that it’s a great colour, which is quite trendy at the moment. I like to wear it with nude eyes and bright cheeks.

Ambition is a classy bright red, and also gives a healthy flush to the cheeks. It looks like coral red at first when applied, but wears off to red pink.  

Believe is a light fuchsia red based lipstick and I absolutely love it as a blusher, it looks like a natural flush on me.

Perspective is a soft rose gold shade with a metallic finish. This is a really nice mixture of brown and rose with a slight golden sheen. Perfect for a natural look.

 What do you think of  Lush Liquid Lipsticks? Have you tried them yet? Do you suggest any other shades I should try?

xxx  Marina

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  1. Hi Marina! Oh my I'm so in love with all of these! The first one in particular, so eyecatching! Have to say that all the colors suit you! Happy friday dear, hugs!:*

  2. WOW!!! I love the first shade!!!

  3. The first shade it's absolutely gorgeous!


  4. Yowza I love Ambition! Looks so pretty on you too. I haven't checked out Lush cosmetics yet, but will have to take a gander!
    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx


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