November 12, 2012

Fringe with Benefits

I only cut my fringe recently again, and I haven't looked back since. Really enjoy rocking my new hair style!
If you are not sure if to fringe or not fringe, here some of advantages  and disadvantages of having a hairstyle with a fringe.

Some advantages I can think of are:
It  covers any flaws in your forehead, especially if it's too large.
It makes wrinkles and fine line disappear. Literally.
It looks really cute and it will make you look younger.
It looks amazingly sleek and stylish and and it adds a bit of fun to your features.
It's very fashionable right now.

Some of the disadvantages :
Less of your face is visible ( not really sure now if that is good or bad thing!).
Could worsen the forehead acne, if you have oily hair.
You will  have to pull the fringe out of your face so you can see every couple of seconds.
You will have to keep  the fringe cutting constantly.
 It will take a long time to let fringe grow out again.

Top Tips to make the fringe work for you:

If you have oily skin or hair, apply baby powder to your fringe to reduce the shine. 

Lighten  the hair around your face, this will highlight your face and will gave the fringe more softer look.

Emphasise your eyes by making  them look larger with eye shadows and loads of mascara.

Make your cheekbones stand out with highlighter and blusher.

Wear bold lip colours.

Fringe for all face shapes:

Oval Face
Lucky you! You have the perfect proportions of your face, so any fringe style will suit.

Round Face
-  deep, side swept  fringe

Square Face
- layered fringe, that is swept off your forehead.

Heart Face
-  wispy angled fringe that is styled slightly off centre.

What about you ladies? Do you prefer your hairstyle with fringe or rather without?

xxx Marina

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  1. Fringe looks great on you! I love fringe because it can instantly change your look without having to do anything too dramatic with your hairstyle x

  2. It looks amazing on you! x

  3. i love it! if my cheeks weren't so big i would totally love this look on me !

  4. Anonymous15:05

    I absolutely love fringes and fringes suits me too until or unless the reason is humidity :( Looks cool on you!

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  6. I've had a fringe ever since I've had hair haha! I look weird without one, I think it's because I've got this really weird hairline. You look super cute with yours! xxx

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