November 07, 2012

Beautiful me plus you is now on Facebook!

Hello my lovelies!

Apologies to All for lack of posts and comments lately, but I have been really busy studying for my Beauty Specialist ITEC and CIBTAC Exams, which are luckily now done and dusted! Relief!
Now will have to wait up to six weeks for my results! Don't you just hate this part!

On a positive note, after long persuasision from my friends, I decided  finally to go on Facebook! I know, you are probably now wondering what took me so long....
I guess, I never felt that my blog was good enough to share it with the world at large,  or even,... gulp... with my friends!

I know, I know, asking people to like you probably never really works in a real life, but sure, may I still ask you All please to like follow me on Facebook... and I promise I will do the same!

Every Like counts, and is much appreciated!!!

xxx Marina

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