May 17, 2012

How to conceal large or wide nose

I used to not to like my nose, and sometimes I still don't, but I've accepted it now. It kind of reminds me of a small potato. A prominent nose can be considered a sign of character, nobility even. I think it’s a matter of taste.
But if you wish to change the way your nose looks like, you can without undergoing a plastic surgery, which in my opinion shouldn’t never be considered.  

How to conceal your nose  in photos
If you are also born with wide or  large nose, you need to know where to point it to make it look appealing or interesting to look at. 
So it’s all about angles, angles, angles and practice, practice, practice.

- if nose is not completely straight, tilt it slightly upwards.
-if too long, look directly, straight into the camera.
-if too wide, look into camera but with face directed slightly to the side.
-If too much nostril, look into camera with nose pointed down and eyes facing up.

How to conceal your nose with make up
When it comes to creating the nose of your dreams, keep in mind the golden rule of camouflage: dark colors recede, and light colors bring out.
For shading I usually like to use cream foundations or concealer in  a shade or two darker, but you could also use matte eye shadows or matte bronzer.  

Long Nose
-to make the long nose appear shorter, apply a bronzing powder or shader to the tip of the nose. It will give the illusion of the nose being smaller.
-highlight the surrounding skin and slightly onto the sides of the nose. Keep blusher away from the nose.
-you could also try to shade just across the middle of the nose bridge, that would also shorten the nose.
-accentuate eyes OR lips, not both, as your nose is already accentuated, three strong features will look a mess and not aesthetically pleasing.
-accentuate cheekbones to compliment a long nose and elongate the face.

Wide nose
-To hide the appearance of a wide nose, apply the lighter foundation and powder down the center of the nose. Blend into the surrounding areas for a natural look.
-to compliment a wide nose, use winged eye makeup which widens the rest of the face.

Bump on the nose
 - apply shader to the bump.

Crooked nose
- apply shader to the side that goes out, and highlighter to the side that goes in

Models who are famous for their prominent nose

Georgina Stojiljkovic

Gisele Bündchen
Linda Evangelista

Caterina Ravaglia

Elizabeth Jagger
Karolina Vysatova
Linda Vojtova

Do you like your nose? And do you have any other tips and tricks for me? Then please let me know!

xxx Marina

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  1. Great Post!


  2. Hi dear! thanks for the tips!:) I find you nose cute btw!:) And you always look nice in your make up!! Kisses!

  3. LOVE this post! great tips thanks! xo

  4. Anonymous17:16

    your nose is cute! mines horrendous, but i was once told applying contouring shadow below/along the eyebrow ends (part at sides of eyes on nose) helps give an illusion of a skinny nose xx

  5. Super interesting post! One of my close friends always frets about her nose in pictures, I am going to pass this link to her - she will love it!

    The Urban Umbrella

  6. Wow! What a great post! I love my nose but still tend to contour when I contour the rest of my face. Great tips. ~ Rhoda

  7. Crazy you, definitely nothing wrong with your nose! I don't like my nose that much either actually haha..thanks for those tricks ;)

    Love, Denise

  8. so interesting post dear!!yes,like it hehe..=)

  9. С интересом читаю ваш блог))
    Заходите в гости)

  10. Great tips dear!!
    Thanks so much for your words about my new life in Cancun, Mexico!

  11. I've always been relatively happy with my nose... I guess it never occurred to me that I might not be; I think everyone is born with a nose that fits in with the rest of their features :)

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  13. "if too wide, look into camera but with face directed slightly to the side." I actually have a kinda flat nose hahaha but this trick works for me just as well. Thank you for this, this post is very useful for people! :D

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